Humic Detox (Cell-Wellness)

Humic Detox (Cell-Wellness)




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Humic Detox (Cell-Wellness) - (32.00 oz. Bottle)

Humic Detox contains both humic and fulvic acids in liquid bio-available form from the remains of plant and animal life found in soil deposits.

Humic and fulvic acids act as ion exchangers and may release metal ions of low mass and chelates heavier metals which may add energy to the body and detoxify.

The humic and fulvic oil deposits are a storehouse of complex compounds, dozens of acid chains, and rare earth trace minerals.

The Minerals in Humic Detox are the same natural minerals you receive from organic veggies.

The difference between the minerals in your food & Humic Detox and heavy minerals in your body, is the mineral sin organic veggies and Humic Detox go in and go out of the body.

The toxic heavy metals get stuck in the body and stay.

Humic Acid Detox may also help to remove radio-active iodine from your body.

Remember every cell in the body uses iodine; consequently , we don't want bad iodine in our bodies.

Humic Detox (Cell-Wellness) - (32.00 oz. Bottle)


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