Cassia (Cinnamon) Bark Essential Oil

Cassia (Cinnamon) Bark Essential Oil




Product Description

Cassia (Cinnamon) Bark Essential Oil - (0.50 oz. Bottle)

Though it provides a comforting aroma, cassia bark essential oil is highly irritating and should not come in contact with the skin.

Its properties are best appreciated when diffused.

Product Features:

No Synthetic Colors or Fragrances.

Not Tested On Animals.

No Synthetic Colors or Stabilizers.

No Synthetic Fragrances.

100% Pure Essential Oils.

Paraben Free.

Essential oil tested for purity.


Dilute properly.

Safety Information:


If pregnant, nursing, suffering from any medical condition, or taking medication, consult a health care practitioner before use.

Avoid eyes and mucous membranes.

Dilute properly.

May cause skin irritation.

For external use only.

Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Cinnamomum aromaticum (cinnamon) bark oil.

Botanical Name: Cinnamomum aromaticum

Common Name: Cassia (Cinnamon) Bark

Origin: China

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Cassia (Cinnamon) Bark Essential Oil - (0.50 oz. Bottle)


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