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PLEASE READ: Back to Nature USA & COVID-19
PLEASE READ: Back to Nature USA & COVID-19
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Bulk Green & White Tea

Green Tea: Originally cultivated in China nearly 4,000 years ago, green tea has made its way to the rest of the world because of its delicious, natural flavor and excellent benefits. Green tea is different from all other teas; it is unoxidized, ensuring that the naturally occurring polyphenols are unaltered. Since green tea contains these natural antioxidants, it has been used in ancient medicines as astringents and stimulants, as well as other traditional uses, such as improving mental and physical processes. Today, green tea is consumed not only because of the benefits, but also because of the flavor each unique tea produces.

White Tea: White tea may refer to one of several styles of tea which generally feature young or minimally processed leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Currently there is no generally accepted definition of white tea and very little international agreement; some sources use the term to refer to tea that is merely dried with no additional processing, some to tea made from the buds and immature tea leaves picked shortly before the buds have fully opened and allowed to wither and dry in natural sun, while others include tea buds and very young leaves which have been steamed or fired before drying. Most definitions agree, however, that white tea is not rolled or oxidized, resulting in a flavor characterized as "lighter" than most green or traditional black teas.