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We offer a 20% discount on all orders over $50
We offer a 20% discount on all orders over $50

What We Consider Local

Locally produced food means different things to different people. We like to use a generally accepted definition of local as being a food shed that is within 400 miles, or a days drive from ones home.

Local food systems encourage growing a wide variety of crops at the same time and on the same piece of land.

This helps preserve indigenous biodiversity and also provides a premise that urges people to reconnect with local family farms.

Our location in the southeast gives us the ability to provide the freshest seasonal produce year-round, all within our parameters of local.

Not only does buying local help the environment by greatly reducing shipping distances, it allows us to deliver produce that has been harvested just days before you receive it.

Due to various factors we are not always able to source certain items locally.

We strive to locate those items needed with the lowest carbon footprint.