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Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (Vegetarian) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (1.00 lb.)


Apple Cider Vinegar Powder has a very pungent apple flavor and tangy taste with a sweet note.

Our Organic powder provides the maximum apple cider vinegar flavor, color, and aroma to a variety of food products and beauty applications without the mess, waste, and handling problems associated with liquid vinegar.

Ingredients: Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

Suggested Uses:

Culinary: In the culinary realm the dry powder can be used in glazes, dry rubs, or seasonings. Try it as a salad dressing base or sprinkled over homemade potato chips!

Beauty: For use in beauty and home applications try using our dry powder in your DIY projects such as hair rinses, deodorant, or favorite cleaning supply.

Directions: We do not recommend that this product be reconstituted but rather to use it in the powdered form to replace liquid apple cider vinegar.



Kosher: KSA Certified

Organic: QAI Certified Organic

4949 - Apple Cider Vinegar Powder (Vegetarian) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (1.00 lb.)