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Cardamom Seeds (Powder) (Decorticated) - Kosher - (1.00 lb.)

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This versatile spice is prized by Indian, Scandinavian and Middle Eastern cooks.

Sweet and spicy, warm and aromatic, cardamom adds a distinctive touch to cakes, pastries and breads and is equally compatible with meat dishes, curries, sweet potatoes and beans.

Suggested Uses: Try cardamom in cakes, cookies and pies, stews and loaves, meat and vegetable pies, fruit salads and desserts (like baked apple), mulled wine, grape jelly, pickles, sausage seasoning, soups (especially split pea soup), and with sweet potatoes, carrots and squash.

Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum (L.) Maton

Origin: Guatemala


Kosher: KSA Certified

112 - Cardamom Seeds (Powder) (Decorticated) - Kosher - (1.00 lb.)