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Chili Peppers (Crushed) (Red) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (1.59 oz. Bottle)

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We're serious about flavor potency.

In every bottle, you get earthy, tomato-like chili flavor that packs a serious POW of heat.

Seeds kept in for an even fuller effect.

Flakes with deep, healthy brick-red color that let you know it’s fresh.

Suggested Uses: Perfect for that smack of heat in your Mexican and African dishes. It’s an easy add-in for baked entrees and an easy sprinkle-on for pizza, grilled meats and veggies. Adds a complementary bite of flavor to creamed soups and cheese sauces.

Safety Guidelines: Chilis can be irritating to eyes and skin; use caution when handling.

Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum L.

Origin: India





Kosher: KSA Certified

Organic: QAI Certified Organic

18603 - Chili Peppers (Crushed) (Red) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (1.59 oz. Bottle)