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Chili Peppers (Powder) (Ancho) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (2.85 oz. Bottle)


Our ancho chili powder is nothing but pure ancho chilies, which are dried poblano peppers (Capsicum annuum).

This is not a chili powder blend, but a single, powdered chili pepper.

It can be used in many of the same places our chili powder blend can - plus a few more - but it has its own delicious flavor profile and a more potent bite of heat.

Our organic poblano chili peppers are grown right here in the United States.

Once dried, poblanos get a name change to signify their change in taste.

Our ancho chilies make a powder with deep, rich, smoky flavor.

Mild-to-medium heat, warm aroma, and gorgeous, textured, deep red-brown color.

We get serious about flavor potency.

And we’re not just talking heat.

We mean serious FLAVOR pow!

We source these peppers in the state of New Mexico, a region famous for providing the kind of climate and soil that produces some of the tastiest chilies on Earth, and they’re picked ripe, for the most intense flavor possible.

Suggested Uses: This ancho is what you want for authentic flavor in Mexican dishes and Southwest fare. Breakfast tacos. Homemade enchilada sauce. Your own chorizo seasoning. But wait, there's more. Flavor up shrimp pasta or a savory breakfast bowl. Shake it on potatoes and eggs...and, yes, even popcorn. And you'll really dig what it does for dark chocolate.

Safety Guidelines: Chilis can be irritating to eyes and skin; use caution when handling.

Origin: United States





Kosher: KSA Certified

Organic: QAI Certified Organic

19559 - Chili Peppers (Powder) (Ancho) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (2.85 oz. Bottle)