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Chili Peppers (Powder) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (0.60 oz. Mini-Spice)


Our chili powder is a potent, tasty blend of real organic spices, featuring powdered chili peppers grown right here in the United States.

We get serious about flavor.

We start with medium-roasted, authentic U.S.-grown New Mexico cultivar chili peppers (Capsicum annuum), featuring zesty but not overwhelming heat, earthy smokiness and rich, fruity nuances of sun-dried tomato, raisin and licorice.

Then we add our in-house-ground cumin, Extra Fancy Grade oregano leaf and award-winning garlic, plus a few other spices for an exceptional chili powder blend that packs a real flavor punch.

We develop genuine relationships at the source with growers wherever possible, ensuring production that is environmentally sustainable and yields high-quality spices with the best flavor profiles.

Ingredients: Organic Chili Powder, Organic Cumin, Organic Oregano, Organic Coriander, Organic Garlic, Organic Rice Concentrate, Organic Allspice, Organic Cloves.

Suggested Uses: Don’t relegate this spice blend to your chili soup and Southwest entrees. It’s got so much more to give. Unleash its flavor on baked sweet potato fries, roasted chickpeas, squash and kale salad, chili-rubbed salmon, garden veggie burgers. And, of course, popcorn. Just to name a few.

Safety Guidelines: Chilis can be irritating to eyes and skin; use caution when handling.





Kosher: KSA Certified

Organic: QAI Certified Organic

50012 - Chili Peppers (Powder) - Kosher - ORGANIC - (0.60 oz. Mini-Spice)