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Cream of Tartar - Kosher

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18334 - Cream of Tartar - Kosher - (3.52 oz. Bottle)

An indispensable ingredient in baking, our Cream of Tartar acts as a leavening agent in cakes, quick breads and soufflés when combined with baking soda and water.

An essential ingredient in Snickerdoodle cookies, it also aids in stiffening egg whites - just add a pinch of cream of tartar while beating.

Cream of tartar is widely distributed by nature in many fruits, but is usually obtained as a by-product of wine making.

During the fermentation of the grapes, tartar crystals in the wine casks.

The crystals are collected and purified to produce the white, odorless, acidic powder.

Suggested Uses: Use to stabilize egg whites and increase their heat tolerance. Use to prevent sugar syrups from crystalizing.

18334 - Cream of Tartar - Kosher - (3.52 oz. Bottle)

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Kosher: KSA Certified