Honeycomb Tripe

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10879 - Honeycomb Tripe - (1.50 lb.)

Are you adventurous?

We are pleased to bring you Beef Honeycomb Tripe.

It is a staple in Menudo (Mexican) soup or makes an interesting addition to fajitas.

Our Honeycomb Tripe has not been chemically treated, but steam cleaned in a unique process that yields a healthy Honeycomb Tripe for your favorite recipe.

Honeycomb Tripe originates from the bovine reticulum, or the second of four chambers in the bovine stomach system.

It is recognized as the most tender and meatier of the three families of beef tripe.

We have proudly teamed up with a group of elite grass farmers from the Island of Tasmania which is located off the coast of Australia.

We are currently sourcing Beef Honeycomb Tripe from Tasmania.

The climate in Tasmania is a utopia for cattle because of the year round maritime climate buffered by the Southern Ocean.

No hormones or GMO's are allowed on the island and air quality is recognized as the gold standard for purity on the globe.

Tasmania is slightly larger than the state of West Virginia and covered with some of the finest grass in the world.

Each Honeycomb Tripe package weighs approximately 1.5 pounds.

All of our beef products are 100% grass-fed and grass-finished.


We recommend freezing for long term storage.

Once thawed, items may be stored for 3-5 days in the refrigerator.

At this time all meat purchases are for local Georgia delivery only.

10879 - Honeycomb Tripe - (1.50 lb.)