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77099 - Jalapeno Stick (Pork/Beef) (Sugar-Free) (Paleo) - (1.00 oz.)

We have created a spicy, great tasting pork/beef, sugar-free, jalapeno snack stick.

If you like spicy, this meat stick is the real deal.

Made from 60% pork and 40% beef, these have the right mix of spicy hot, texture and flavor.

Your taste buds will appreciate the spicy palate party in your mouth.

Paleo Pork/Beef, Sugar-Free Snack Sticks are shelf stable and can go anywhere you go, anytime.

You never know when you'll have a craving for something packed with protein.

The pork is sourced from the same small farms in the Midwest we have used for the past 14 years.

The pigs are heirloom breeds that are antibiotic and GMO free from birth and live a life comparable to pigs raised in the 1950's.

One unique feature of these heirloom breeds is their ability to produce more intramuscular fat than their 21st century counterparts that are super lean.

The extra pork fat is the secret to great taste.

Pork combined with beef has always been a win-win.

We've combined excellent quality heirloom pork with our 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished beef, surprising everyone involved with a tantalizing flavor profile.

We are convinced you'll agree!

It is always a challenge adding jalapeno peppers to a recipe, but the taste reaction to date has exceeded our expectations.

We think you'll agree...this is a real winner!

Ingredients: Pork, Beef, Water, Salt, Encapsulated Lactic Acid, Dried Jalapeno Peppers, Celery Juice Powder, Red Peppers, Ground Jalapeno Peppers, Garlic, Natural Smoke Flavor, Black Pepper, Coriander, Onion Powder, White Pepper.


Since we use no preservatives or nitrates, our jerky is not shelf stable.

We recommend freezing for long term storage.

Once thawed, it will keep in the refrigerator for a week to ten days.

At this time all meat purchases are for local Georgia delivery only.

Quantity sold unit: 1 stick

77099 - Jalapeno Stick (Pork/Beef) (Sugar-Free) (Paleo) - (1.00 oz.)