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Spirulina Powder - Kosher

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52214 - Spirulina Powder - Kosher - (0.50 lb.)

Spirulina is the common name for two species of cyanobacteria, or blue-green algae.

Many consider this plant nature's most powerful "green" food - it's one of the highest and most digestible sources of protein known.

Our bulk spirulina is kosher certified and non-irradiated.

Strong, grassy with a pungent sea flavor, Spirulina can be used in smoothies, seasoning mixes, in green sauces, hummus, meatballs or even brownies.

Mix in guacamole, and try in our Spirulina and Nutritional Yeast Seasoning recipe.

Botanical Name: Spirulina platensis Geitler

Origin: United States/China

Kosher: KSA Certified

52214 - Spirulina Powder - Kosher - (0.50 lb.)