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Vanilla Beans (Whole) (Bourbon) - Kosher


2341 - Vanilla Beans (Whole) (Bourbon) - Kosher - (4.00 oz.)

It's hard to imagine a kitchen void of vanilla.

Its full, rich, universally popular taste and enticing aroma is irreplaceable in cookies, cakes, custards, ice creams - almost every conceivable sweet - and a few savory dishes, too.

Bourbon Vanilla Beans, grown in Madagascar, are very aromatic with a full, rich taste.

They are ideal for making your own vanilla extract, and are also perfect for flavoring liqueurs, beverages, sugar and baked goods.

Our bulk vanilla beans are kosher certified and non-irradiated.


Botanical Name: Vanilla planifolia Andr.

Origin: Madagascar

Kosher: KSA Certified

2341 - Vanilla Beans (Whole) (Bourbon) - Kosher - (4.00 oz.)